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Hiking in Sweden with Outdoorkartan


Outdoorkartan is a new series of 28 topographic outdoor maps
covering the mountain areas along the border in western Sweden and popular recreation areas in southern Sweden. The maps have a new look and are printed on very durable and waterresistant material. Cartography, material and printing quality provides clear and easy
to read maps ideal for hiking, canoeing and mountain tours.

The mountain region is covered, from Riksgränsen in the north to Sälen in the south, in the unique scale of 1:75 000 and adapted to hiking trails. The Kungsleden trail is specially marked with information about distance and approximate hiking time for different stages. The maps for southern Sweden cover popular recreation areas on the east- and west coast in the
scale of 1:50 000.

€ 16,90 price per map

Abisko-Kebnekaise-Nikkaluokta Blad 1: ISBN 9789113068138


Printed on Polyart Waterproof & Tearproof Scale 1:75.000
Blad 1 Abisko-Kebnekaise-Nikkaluokta
Blad 2 Nikkaluokta-Sarek-Saltoluokta
Blad 3 Saltoluokta-Padjelanta-Kvikkjokk
Blad 4 Kvikkjokk-Jäkkvik
Blad 5 Jäkkvik-Ammarnäs
Blad 6 Ammarnäs-Hemavan-Lill-Björkvattnet
Blad 7 Börgefjell-Kittelfjäll-Fatmomakke
Blad 8 Saxnäs-Borgafjäll-Gäddede
Blad 9 Gäddede-Hotagsfjällen-Föllinge
Blad 10 Skäckerfjällen-Storlien-Åre
Blad 11 Jämtlandsfjällen
Blad 12 Ramundberget-Funäsdalen-Vemdalen
Blad 13 Rogen-Grövelsjön-Idre
Blad 14 Fulufjället-Trysil-Sälen


Fulufjället-Trysil-Sälen Blad 14: ISBN 9789113068275




Charlottenburg-Arvika Blad 15: ISBN 9789113068367


Printed on Polyart Waterproof & Tearproof Scale 1:50.000
Blad 15 Charlottenberg-Arvika
Blad 16 Töckfors-Årjäng-Nysäter
Blad 17 Ed-Åmål-Köpmannebro
Blad 18 Svinesund-Strömstad-Hamburgsund
Blad 19 Munkedal-Lysekil-Tjörn
Blad 20 Marstrand-Göteborg-Åsa
Blad 21 Arkösund-Gryt-Västervik
Blad 22 Nynäshamn-Oxelösund-Arkösund
Blad 23 Mariefred-Flen-Nyköping
Blad 24 Södra Stockholm
Blad 25 Mälaren
Blad 26 Norra Stockholm
Blad 27 Stockholms skärgård
Blad 28 Örskär-Grisslehamn-Furusund

Örskär-Grisslehamn-Furusund Blad 28: ISBN 9789113068497



Read here all map info:

Read here about the Kungsleden:



Two areas in the same series
The series are devided into two parts with different scales. A unique scale of 1:75 000 for the mountain region and 1:50 000 for the southern parts.


Outdoor, fjäll (mountains)
The mountain series of 14 sheets have a clear and easy to read scale of 1:75 000 with contour lines at 20 m vertical interval. The topography is also enhanced with terrain shading.
They are printed on both sides and cover large areas which are adapted to hiking trails.

The mountain region cover from Riksgränsen in the north to Sälen in the south with selected areas of the Norwegian mountains.



Outdoor, southern Sweden
The southern series are detailed maps with trails, back roads, lakes, rivers, forests and soil types in the scale 1:50 000. The maps cover areas suitable for hiking, skating, canoeing, horseback riding, fishing trips and much more.



Durable in all weather
Outdoorkartan is printed on Polyart which is a synthetic paper that provides a clear and easy to read mapping. It´s also extremely water- and tear resistant and can withstand all types of weather. Can easily be folded many times and adjusted to fit in your pocket or pouch.


Safe mountain hiking

  • Always let your itinerary and return be known.
  • Plan your trip according to the weather conditions.
  • Always pay attention to warnings about adverse weather conditions in the mountains.
  • Be aware that large areas of the mountain range have no mobile phone coverage. In most mountain shelters or cabins in areas with no roads there are emergency phones and they are also marked in the map.
  • It is wise to keep to the marked trails. It makes it easier to find your way and also minimize the risk of entering avalanche areas during winter.
  • Winter trails are marked with a red cross and are not always suitable for summer hikes.
  • All travels across ice are at your own risk! Marked trails over ice usually indicate where the ice is strongest but is not a guarantee that the ice will hold.
  • Cabins are located along the trails, usually with a distance of 15-20 km between them. They are equipped for self-catering and usually have rooms with several beds. It´s not possible to pre-book, if all beds are occupied extra mattresses will be placed on the floor. The cabins are usually run by Svenska Turistföreningen (STF) and are open during the ski and hiking season.
  • Mountain lodges are hostels/hotels with more facilities and there you can pre-book your stay. When cabins and mountain lodges are locked in areas without roads there is always a small space open for emergency shelter. Please observe that this space is not for planned visits!
  • If possible, call 112 in an emergency, unless there is a mountain shelter or cabin with an emergency phone nearby.

Useful information
Plan your route on the map, carefully study the terrain and mark the intended route. Take in consideration the elevated terrain when planning the stages since they usually take longer than expected. Plan stops along the way. Find possible escape routes to seek shelter in case of rapid weather changes. Always bring a map and a compass.
Read more about map and compass

In National parks, Nature reserves, Cultural reserves and areas with special protection of plants and animals stricter rules apply. Message boards adjacent to areas show what applies.
License is required for fishing in all lakes and rivers in Sweden. The exception is the five biggest lakes (Vänern, Vättern, Mälaren, Hjälmaren and Storsjön) and along the coast where sport fishing is allowed.
General information about fishing
Fishing regulations

According to Terrängkörningslagen (terrain vehicles law), it is forbidden to drive cars, motorcycles, mopeds and other motorised vehicles on bare ground in the terrain. You are allowed to drive for example snowmobile on snow covered ground as long as you do not cause any damage to the ground. In some areas it´s completely prohibited to drive in the terrain. (see restriction areas in outdoorkartan).
In case of emergency call 112

Swedish Sea Rescue Society
Swedish EPA
Ice finder
Trafic information
Travel planner

Hiking in Sweden

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